I wanted to record a couple of points re:Ghost on Heroku.

First off...your one stop shop @ cobyism;

You should be up and running with a fresh and free Ghost blog...

S3_BUCKET_REGION eu-west-1 (example)

  • There is another issue regarding theme installation.
    Heroku has a non-persistant file setup so this one-click install is adhering to this...however you will observe that if you install a Ghost theme via the Ghost dashboard it will soon error 500 and disappear!!!

git clone https://github.com/cobyism/ghost-on-heroku
cd ghost-on-heroku
heroku git:remote -a YOURAPPNAME
heroku info

Add the theme to your local Ghost theme folder;

git add .
git commit -m "Important changes"
git push heroku master

Heroku ROCKS!

Edit: Heroku does indeed rock, for many reasons, but updating Ghost is a pain...

npm update


git commit . -m 'Update package dependencies'
git push heroku master


heroku run knex-migrator migrate --mgpath node_modules/ghost


heroku restart

hmm...upgrade not completed...

npm install [email protected]^1.20.0

no luck with upgrading via git...

exporting/importing content on a Ghost update at the moment...